- FTA  - IPTV - Streaming - for Newbies & Testers
........Most DN 'PPS' are UP. Most regular Channels are Up, Hispanic Channels are Up, Some HD are Up, Some PPV are Up ...Internationals are Up ....... BEV UP on most PPS with some Freezing ...... Welcome to ......... Attention all Members......... We are now running 4 Raffles....#19 for a Jynxbox Ultra HD, VIP Raffle #1 for a SV 360 Premier......#15 for a Limesat Ultra Pro, and Raffle #14 for a Sonicview 8000HD Receiver....... Tickets are still available so get them while they last........... Site News: ..Regarding the current Receivers that are IKS Compatible, some may be up and some may be down..... Best way to know is to check for yourselves, if any one needs help please post your questions in the Appropriate sections ......... All Files and How to Guides can be found in the appropriate sections.............. Only Receivers using IKS systems are able to view Most but not all DN & BEV Channels..................... If you want to keep your computer away from viruses and browse the web faster, then use either SeaMonkey or Mozilla Firefox.

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» Current FTA Status

Welcome to

Win an SV360 Premier with Svlan to allow Firmware upgrades via the Internet.

Click: Here

Please have a look around and if you need anything, do not hesitate to ask anyone on the site for assistance.

For those using IE 8 as a Browser please be advised that this Browser is a Memory Hog. Firefox, Safari, Opera are better but we urge you to consider Seamonkey, made by Mozilla, has built in Email CLient, Address Book, NewsGroups and IRC Chat all in a 10 MB File and Faster and Safer than most.

It can be found here: Seamonkey

Please visit our

Market Place

Where you may find items to Buy, Sell or trade

To see the current IKS Status,
Please Click here:

Current IKS Status

Want to access the Forums, Click here: Forums

Please Note

Any Iks System can be up or down at any given time, best way to know is for us all to check for our selves. If anyone has any problems, please feel free to Ask your questions in the Appropriate Section

Only IKS Systems presently up are:

Limesat (DN),
CNX -(Nano Premium) , I-link (9000+, 9500), Satzen, VS(WF), Sonicview (BEV/DN), X-Factor

Presently down: R-link and Sonysat
, Older CNX, Older Ilinks, Topsat

Please vote in our Poll

Click Here

Here is the latest Channel List for DN and BEV:

IKS Channel List

Only way to get any Channels now is by IKS.

Attention all Members

We are currently running 3 Raffles

#8 for a Limesat PCR Receiver and
#9 for an Acer Aspire 17.3"
#12 for a SV 360 Premier

For a Brand New Limesat Ultra PVR Receiver and a Wireless Access Point Device: Crazyfta's Raffle #8

Raffle #9 for an Acer Aspire 17.3" Laptop with Duo Core, 4GB RAM, 640GB HHD and HDMI port: Crazyfta's Raffle #9

Raffle #12 for an SV 360 Premier

Crazyfta's Raffle #12

Additionally we wish to announce that we are now offering more Options for VIP Membership including Lifetime VIP Membership:

Click here for more details

Winners of our previous Raffles were:

Raffle #1 was: ldsbabygurl3 with ticket # 2

Raffle #2 was: Parch with ticket # 28

Raffle #3
was: bobmor with ticket # 43

Raffle #4 was: bobmor with ticket # 5

Raffle #5 was: vivianthya with ticket # 37

Raffles 1-5 Winners all won a Brand New SonySat DCR 5500 PVR Receiver and Showme-X2 Dongle

Raffle #6 for a sonysat Receiver was canceled and in it's place we ran Raffle #7

Raffle #7 was: Parch with ticket # 46

Stay tuned for an Announcement of when our next Raffle Draw will occur

There are no Cardless or Stand Alone N3 fixes anywhere in North America
Please beware of any site that claims to have them, as they are merely drumming up business and want your money.

No Pay Sites get any Files from any Coders directly.... Pay Sites obtain their files like the rest of us do, from Official Release Sites or from other Free Sites.... Only difference between Free Sites such as ours and Pay Sites is that Pay Sites charge for their Files. Please save your money and stick to the Free Sites.

Please pass this message on to your friends.


FTA Status as of 1:00 PM EST. Jul 15, 2010

At About 6:00PM EDT June 20, 2009 the rest of DN Channels were moved to N3. No Files are available to bring these back.

So until there is an N3 Fix released for Stand alone Receivers, here are a few options to consider:

1) Using an IKS/AKS System to receive most but not all Channels that have gone N3.

2) Consider purchasing a 33" or larger dish with Linear LNB to capture True FTA Sats.

3) Consider trying OTA Reception if available in your Location (small cities and Townships may have none available)

4) Subscribe to Local Provider, be it Cable, Telephone TV or Satellite TV till an N3 Fix is released


Any members that are using Dial UP or Netscape, please take the time to read thru this Section:


Please check out our New Status Page and Comment and Vote on what you think of it so far.

Down Presently

CrazyFTA's FTA Status Page


New to Crazyfta

Casino Room

available to All Members this week

The Casino Room is currently open to all Regular Members during our current Contest.

Sports Betting is now Active


| DN:
All Stand Alone Receivers are down for DN and BEV | Many Channels are up with IKS Systems like: Limesat. CNX, I-Link, Satzen, Topsat, VS (WF), SV, .

| BEV: Down due to N3 - Some Channels up with IKS Capable Boxes like Limesat
| GC: Keys |
|Telefonica Channels: Check out the Amazon/Telephonica Status Section

DN - All Channels have gone Nagra 3 and No Files will bring these Channels back till an N3 Fix is available

New Files are needed.

Please keep checking our new FTA Status Page and Fta Status Thread for updates and news.

Please do not ask for files in the chat. Once the files are out, you will see them inside our download section.



For a list of all Receivers presently up, Click Here

List of All Channels presently up, Stand alone or IKS

Latest FTA Receiver Files can be found here: FTA Files

Dicussions on various Receivers can be found: Here

Guides & How To's can be found: Here

CrazyFta Contests.

Contest #17 Winner - triscooter , won 6 Months VIP Membership

Contest #13 Winner - thefordtech, a 1 Month VIP Membership

Contest #12 Winner - drcc, won a 1 Month VIP Membership

Contest #11 Winner - Savoy, won a 3 Month VIP Membership.

Please participate in
our next Crazy FTA's Site
Contest #17 Presently open to Regular Member & VIP members only for 3 Free Months of VIP Membership.

Contest can be found here

More coming soon.

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